Valmet Automotive has provided manufacturing and product engineering as well as contract manufacturing services to automotive industry leaders for over 40 years.  Beginning in 2009, with the addition of the fully electric Think City, Valmet Automotive has consistently displayed a commitment to the manufacture of environmentally sound alternatives to traditional gas-powered vehicles.  Valmet Automotive also manufactures the fully electric Garia A/S and the extended range electric vehicle Fisker Karma.

Valmet Automotive’s strategy is to provide engineering and manufacturing services to OEMs and newcomers in the market. To develop and produce better products, it is important to understand the final usage of the cars and analyze vehicles in everyday use.  It is with this strategy in mind that Valmet Automotive has joined the Eco Urban Living initiative and committed to providing a fleet of electric vehicles to be used as test vehicles during the initiatives pilot program activities.   Valmet Automotive also brings to the initiative its fruitful research collaboration with Tsinghua University in the field of battery technology, a collaboration which stands to significantly benefit the program’s other participants.

Valmet Automotive will take a major role in securing strong coordination across the different research streams as it is in the interest of the company to enable the whole Finnish new energy automotive cluster to be an internationally competitive contender.