The THINK City is a fully electric vehicle designed by the Norwegian electric vehicle industry veteran, THINK Global. The THINK City combines the sustainability and eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle with the compact design and features of a modern urban car.  With a range of 160km and a top speed of 110km/h the THINK City is equally well suited to highway conditions as it is to the tight confines of modern urban environments.

Sustainability and a concern for the environment were considered at every stage of the THINK City’s development, thus ensuring that the vehicle is not only environmentally sound to drive but also that the car itself is fully recyclable. Everyone involved in the development of the vehicle kept in mind the same set of criteria, using clean recyclable materials, non-polluting production processes, and efficiency in the use of materials.

The first THINK City electric vehicles were completed at Valmet Automotive’s production facilities in Uusikaupunki in December 2009. Manufacturing equipment was transferred from Norway to Uusikaupunki, Finland, and the production was started in a record time of only three months. Valmet Automotive also took on the responsibilities for the logistical operations of THINK City and participated in the product development of the car.