A network is often wiser than any of the individual participants. When addressing complex issues, such as how a city can interact with its citizens, companies and universities in developing common activities to become a greener environment, it is necessary to engage a network. No single actor can successfully develop results of the required magnitude.

The City of Espoo together with the other participants have, during the first phase of the Eco Urban Living, initiative applied the orchestration framework into the context of the city, and identified the role of the City as a key actor ensuring that the conditions for successful orchestration will be in place. The focus is significantly on establishing a social architecture that will actively engage the highest level decision makers in the participating organizations, as well as conducting activities that will also have very practical and operational implications, involving the operational part of the organization.

In the case of Espoo the birth of the new innovation university, Aalto University, has been a catalyst in mobilizing the highest-level decision makers with an interest in developing the region. The Chairman and President of Aalto University as well as the Mayor of the City of Espoo have organized roundtable meetings to bring together the leading organizations collaborating with Aalto University. Simultaneously, the City of Espoo has acquired a number of electric cars, one driven by the Mayor himself, to ensure that practical issues related to the daily use of new green technology are also addressed. How should the cars be charged? What will be the roadmap for building up the fleet of electric vehicles? What would be the implications of shifting to electric buses as well?

The orchestration framework has been openly discussed and debated within the project, and it has also been documented in the booklet Eco Urban Living, thus providing a key tool for building common awareness of how the different elements relate to each other. The role of Synocus has been to communicate these principles to everybody involved, and also to integrate them into all of the activities within the Eco Urban Living initiative.