The Eco Urban Living initiative is part of Tekes’s, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Electric Vehicle Systems program, EVE. EVE is a national program aimed at advancing the electric vehicle technology by, firstly, creating a community of electric vehicle and support system developers, while also developing test environments to gather real world data from the operation of these new technologies in every day conditions. Such test environments help to improve the credibility of new products and services in international markets as well as in the minds of consumers. Additionally, the program will also contribute to the development of international standards for the industry.

Among the program’s long-term goals is increasing the amount of electric vehicle related business from the 2009 sum of €200 million to approximately €2 billion by 2020. The program will run from 2011-2015 and has a budget of €80 million, funded jointly by Tekes and the participating organizations.

For more information regarding the EVE program, see the program’s website.