Along with the rapid growth of the Chinese automobile industry has come the rise of several, nationally competitive domestic automakers which are now setting their sights on the international giants who continue to rule the Chinese market. In an effort to achieve the goals set out by the Chinese government to transform China into a country which designs and creates global brands, rather than merely manufacturing Western brands, the Chinese automotive industry is searching far and wide for engineering and management talent capable of leading operations, both, in China and abroad. This rush of foreign recruitment drives would seem to indicate a strong desire to refashion the core of these Chinese companies organizational structures by bringing in a distinctly Westernized talent pool to replace readily available, domestically educated and trained engineers.


In addition to the aggressive recruitment tactics employed by Chinese automakers, the Chinese government is also attempting to do its part to improve the competitive potential of domestic car makers by legislative means. Despite the combined efforts of Chinese automakers and the government, industry analysts do not foresee a marked increase in Chinese companies’ share of the domestic automotive industry, with Chinese companies currently occupying less than a 30% of the market and current forecasts predicting no more than a 34% market share in the year 2016.




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