Speaking at the 2013 Los Angeles motor show, the Volkswagen Group’s commissioner for electric vehicle drive systems Rudolf Krebs voiced doubts over the immediate future viability of hydrogen fuel cells as replacements for current electric drive systems. Krebs comments, and Volkswagen’s development strategy, run contrary to the general mood among other automotive manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai who are all engaged in full-scale hydrogen fuel cell development projects and aim to integrate this technology into future models.

Krebs, on the other hand, believes that this technology will not be realistically marketable until 2020 and, as such, Volkswagen has chosen to forgo the active development of this technology in favor of perfecting current EV drive system technology. This decision has caused some controversy as hydrogen fuel cell technology promises truly emission free transportation with unlimited driving range, whereas current technologies remain reliant on emissions heavy means of producing the electricity used to charge them, as well as facing limited driving range as a result of battery capacity. Volkswagen has confirmed that its vehicles will, nonetheless, be fully future-proof and compatible with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Source: Article at autocar.co.uk

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