A new study published by the EV Project, a U.S. Energy Department funded research project operated by electric vehicle charging station manufacturer Ecotality, provides a comprehensive overview of today’s electric vehicle drivers in the United States. The study encompasses results from 8,000 EV drivers over the entirety of the project’s four year history. The study’s findings have been compiled in an revealing infographic. The study found that the electric vehicle market in the US had surged dramatically in only a single year, boasting an increase of 35,000 units sold in 2012 over 2011 totals. Furthermore, the study confirmed the assumption that EV purchases are generally limited to more wealthy consumers, due to their relatively high cost. While this study is merely focused on the US market it does, nonetheless, provide a valuable insight into the evolution of the EV market, from the early-adopter heavy early years to its present phase of initial expansion.

 Source: The Wall Street Journal reports on the study’s results 

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