Despite an enthusiastic push towards furthering electric vehicle development and encouraging public adoption in recent years the Chinese auto markets continue to show a strong preference for traditional, gas-fueled vehicles. Sales figures from 2012 already revealed the reality behind China’s lagging EV sales and led many to suspect that Chinese government officials would begin to curb their tax incentive and subsidy policies in coming years, which proved to be somewhat accurate as Chinese officials have chosen to shift incentive policies from the national to a regional level and have not renewed the national EV incentive plan which expired at the end of last year. 

However, recent reports from the China Daily suggest that this lack of support may be spreading even further. The newspaper recently reported on a new plan to waive vehicle quota registration requirements for new rental cars, in an effort to reduce overall air pollution by limiting the number of cars on the city’s roads by encouraging private citizens to rent cars for occasional use rather than buying a car of their own. This new legislation is similar to a plan proposed by the city government at the beginning of the year which would allow electric vehicle owners to take advantage of the same plan, an attempt to appeal to citizens on the basis of this freedom from the city’s strict quota restrictions which limit car use based on license plate number. However, in connection to this new legislation, authorities also hinted at the possibility of these quota restrictions being reapplied to electric vehicles in the near future, thus spelling an end to yet another of the more attractive side benefits to owning an electric vehicle for the city’s residents.

Source: EV World article on change in legislation 

Original China Daily article 

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