Representatives of EU countries on June 27th, 2013 decided to postpone a decision on limiting average fleet CO2 emissions to 95 g/km following heavy lobbying from German government officials. Germany, long seen as a leader in the effort to reduce global CO2 emissions and slow the progression of climate change, came out in strong opposition to the legislation which would have imposed strict new limits on automakers fearing that this would hinder the performance of a vibrant and vital part of the country’s economy. The deal looked to be set for an easy route through the EU legislators as recently as the beginning of that week, however, German Chancellor Angela Merkel took issue with the law which would see current limits tightened from 130 g/km down to 95 g/km over the next seven years.

Despite Germany’s hopes of blocking the law altogether, EU diplomats have voiced strong opposition to the country’s resistance and remain committed to seeing these new limits passed into law when it is once again up for debate this October.

Source: An article in Der Speigel

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