A new study published by Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics found that electric vehicles are predominately sold to highly educated, middle-aged male urbanites in the upper income brackets. The study gathered together the results from various earlier studies conducted worldwide. Overall, researchers determined that EV adoption remains a niche phenomenon among only the most engaged and eco-conscious consumers. Even among these consumers, studies suggest that EVs are still used mainly as secondary vehicles alongside gas-fueled cars.

Furthermore, the study also assessed popular preconceptions regarding EVs, finding little of surprise with range anxiety and the charging challenges being the two most common negative perceptions. While cost was less commonly stated as a negative, this suggests that the prevailing issues regarding EVs have kept many consumers from exploring the possibility of ownership to any real extent, thus they have yet to encounter the vast price gaps.

Source: WNYC’s Transportation Nation blog

Read more: The full study is available here

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