While initially believed to offer an ideal market for the new technology, Chinese markets have seemingly not fulfilled the grand expectations automotive industry analysts had for them at the outset of China’s drive towards EV adoption as little as 3 years ago. While Chinese authorities continue to push the government’s initial target of getting 500,000 EVs on Chinese roads by 2015, industry analysts have grown far more skeptical regarding the prospect of fulfilling this goal.

Analysts point to the relatively small sales figures for EVs in China last year which amounted to a total of 12,791 electric drive vehicles (0.0826 % of total vehicle sales), amounting to an even smaller figure of 3,000 fully electric road-ready cars sold (excluding golf carts and other such non road-ready consumer vehicles), according to an IHS Automotive analyst in Shanghai.

Nonetheless, despite discouraging market trends automakers continue to develop their EV strategies, facing a less ecologically minded and more brand-conscious market driven by those wealthier consumers who can afford to purchase the somewhat pricier plug-in vehicles instead of traditional gas fueled cars. However, auto manufacturers hope to benefit from the concentration of high-level battery development facilities located in the country to help improve the attractiveness of their vehicles.

Source: Article in the USA Today “China not embracing electric vehicles”

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