In a recent op-ed column at Forbes, energy business commentator Ken Silverstein presents a compelling argument for the necessity of partnerships between the public and private sectors in driving the electric vehicle industry forward. Citing the anemic sales trends currently plaguing major automakers EV lines, Silverstein argues that private companies lack the support necessary to continue driving the industry’s development for long enough to drive the costs of new technologies down to competitive levels. Alternatively, Silverstein argues, public sector players could provide the industry with a supporting hand by expanding charging networks to counter the drawbacks of the short-range batteries fuelling many electric vehicle models at present.

Silverstein’s support for public-private cooperation in innovative EV development is the latest word in an active debate over government aid for the EV and renewable energy fields which has been ongoing in the US for at least the last year. This debate reached critical mass following the struggle plagued development of several of the most highly touted of these green companies, including Fisker Automotive and Solyndra. Ultimately, Silverstein argues that developing electric drive cars is in a nation’s best interest in the long run as it is not only an environmental necessity but it will also bring economic advantages in developing alternative energy related manufacturing expertise as well as a new found level of energy independence.

Source: Forbes article

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