A new study, conducted by British energy & environmental consultancy Ricardo-AEA, concludes that reaching carbon goals, set by the EU for 2025, would require a significant increase in the sales of electric and hybrid vehicles throughout Europe.  The study determined that if sales of new vehicles, from now on, were to be divided equally between gas-fueled cars and hybrid vehicles, the carbon emission rate of all new vehicles would be lowered to an overall, per vehicle average of 70 g/km. This would exceed the EU’s set reduction target of a 95 g/km average. Furthermore, the study also concluded that the same goal could be reached with far fewer hybrid vehicles if electric vehicles made up a mere 7% of all new vehicle sales, thereby allowing traditional, gas-fueled vehicles to remain the conventional standard for the time being.

Researchers went on to investigate even more ambitious scenarios which would enable more notable reductions in emissions levels, these will be included in Ricardo-AEA’s forthcoming complete report.

Source: Reuters report

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