The EU’s recently announced Clean Power for Transport program is a significant show of support to aid European countries as they strive to meet the ambitious carbon reduction and electric vehicle adoption targets set for 2020 by the Union. The program’s €8 billion funding will primarily be used to build over half a million charging stations throughout Europe by 2020, with the remainder going towards the development of innovative and alternative fuels and the networks to support these.

Through this program, the EU hopes to respond to certain critics of the ambitious EV and carbon reduction targets set forth by organizations such as the EU. By establishing a vast network, spanning from continental Europe to Malta, will answer those critics, who have often argued that the central barrier to truly wide scale market adoption of EVs is the lack of a comprehensive charging network. Furthermore, the plan would also establish the Type 2 electric vehicle charging system as the Europe wide standard, yet another significant step in ridding the EV industry of some of the confusion and overly complex structure keeping people from investing in EVs.

Source: International Herald Tribune article

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