A new survey, conducted by Pike Research, of consumer attitudes towards plug-in electric vehicles found that consumer interest had declined slightly from the 2010 survey. According to the survey, those consumers listing themselves as "extremely" or "very interested" in EVs fell to 36%, from 2010's 40%. While the 4% decline may seem fairly marginal, these results are evidence of the need for ongoing technological improvements and increasing the level of public awareness as a significant number of the concerns voiced by respondents involved battery range and reliability concerns; concerns rooted in technological shortcomings but considerably amplified by misconceptions. A third major, often cited by respondents, was the high cost of electric vehicles, one which has long kept the industry from developing a significant mass-consumer market.

Source: Autobloggreen post on the study

Read more: You can read further details from the study, as well as buy the full study, at Pike Research's website

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