General Motors CEO Dan Akerson, announced at a company meeting on August 10th, that the GM backed battery producer Envia Systems had made a significant breakthrough in lithium-ion battery technology. The company believes that the new technological advances could significantly expand a lithium-ion based battery’s capacity. GM is confident that this new breakthrough could soon bring long-range electric vehicles into the budget vehicle range currently occupied by vehicles such as GM’s own Chevrolet Volt, the range of which is limited to a mere 55km using existing battery technology.

While GM’s estimates for the ultimate range of its products is limited by their smaller capacity, the potential for employing this technology in electric cars which already house significantly larger batteries, such as the Think City, open the potential for simultaneously extending EV range far past the 200km mark while also cutting costs, as the new battery advances are estimated to cut production costs in half. Together, these advances could do a great deal to make EVs a viable and attractive option for the average consumer as they become integrated into manufacturers products in the future.

Source: AP/ABC News report

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