Paris joined the likes of New York and Amsterdam with the launch of a new electric car-sharing service this past Sunday. The Autolib service, operated by a French group led by prominent businessman Vincent Bollore, provides subscribers with access to a fleet of fully electric “Bluecars” scattered across several stations located around the city. The service, which is now in a trial phase, aims to become the largest such car-sharing network in existence with a planned expansion to 2,000 vehicles across 46 municipalities by the end of June 2012 and a total of 5,000 vehicles by 2013.

The service offers a variety of subscription plans including: daily, weekly or annual plans with prices ranging from €10 to €144 for a year, depending on the length of time the car is used. The service’s founders have reportedly been approached by several other European cities with an interest in adopting a similar service in their own cities. Car-sharing services such as Autolib can help to reduce the number of private vehicles in urban traffic by bridging gaps left by public transport.

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