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PlugIt Finland has developed a new web app to help consumers considering purchasing a new car determine whether or not an electric vehicle might be the right choice for them. The app was developed by a recently launched start-up company which was birthed in Finnish innovation agency Tekes’s EVE electric vehicle development program. The web app makes it simple for prospective buyers to compare various EV models currently available on the Finnish market from a cost perspective and compare these options with the cost of a traditional gas-fueled vehicle.  

Try out the app at PlugIt Finland’s site (In Finnish only)

Together, the automaker Nissan, gas station chain ABC, and energy provider Fortum have inaugurated the first in a series of new additions to an electric vehicle charging network whose coverage was previously limited to the capital area. The addition of three new charge points at various ABC gas stations located in Hyvinkää, North Tapiola, and Ilola, Vantaa, signals the beginning of a new phase of expansion for the charging network operated by the three parties which will see an expansion of the network's coverage area from the capital area as far north as Tampere. Energy provider Fortum also emphasized its intent to utilize various forms of renewable energy, wind energy in particular, in providing the electricity for the charging points

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The Finnish government’s new budget proposal for 2014 is set to increase the cost of the national fuel tax by 12 cents per liter, for cars which burn traditional fuel. The increased tax rate is estimated to amount to roughly €200 extra per year for drivers driving approximately 20,000 km/per, while electric car owners will see an increase of roughly €10 per year due to the increased electricity tax.

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In a controversial move, the European Union Parliament is reported to be considering new legislation which would eliminate CHAdeMO charging stations in Europe by the end of 2018. While the proposed legislation would certainly drive the cause of charging standard unification, supporters of the CHAdeMO standard argue that the technology is already too widespread to terminate entirely, with some 650 stations installed in Europe and another 1,000 set to be deployed by the end of 2013. Furthermore, they contend that the EU supported CSS charging standard has yet to be implemented in Europe and, while supported by such major automakers as BMW, GM, and Ford, remains a minority in total users due to the Nissan LEAF’s, which uses the CHAdeMO standard, immense popularity.

EU lawmakers insist that the time has certainly come to being taking bolder and more forceful steps in the name of harmonizing charging standards and easing consumers’ concerns over the challenges of adopting electric vehicles.  

Source: "European Parliament Considers Legislation To Kill CHAdeMO Electric Car Chargers" at 

Read More: "EU Drafts Bill to Eliminate CHAdeMO Electric Car Chargers by 2018" at 

A recent survey of 2013 US electric vehicle sales, by analysts at CleanTechnica, shows  July sales totals for full EVs, Plug-in Hybrid EVs, and conventional hybrids greater than those of one year ago, with the sales of full EVs during this period experiencing the most radical growth over July of 2012 amounting to 529%. Furthermore, this analysis has also shown that full EV sales for the first half of 2013 have also grown massively, totaling 522% growth over the first half of 2012.

Source: "All Green For Green Electric Vehicles (+ 530% Increase In EV Sales)" at CleanTechnica 


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