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The effects of the Japanese nuclear crisis on the EV industry

Effects of the Japanese nuclear crisis are expected to be felt across a number of industries, including the electric vehicle industry.

The third Sino-Finnish Innovation Forum was held in September in Dipoli, Espoo. The Forum was a part of the ongoing Eco Urban Living project, with is implemented by the City of Espoo and with the companies Fortum, Nokia Automotive and Valmet Automotive. The Eco Urban Living project is facilitated by Synocus Group. Several experts and distinguished guests both from China and Finland participated in the Forum.

On the 7th of June, a framework agreement was signed between the City of Espoo, Valmet Automotive, Fortum, Nokia and Synocus. The companies agreed to a joint project to develop the T3 area (Otaniemi-Keilaniemi-Tapiola) to become an internationally recognized platform for eco-conscious urban living (Press release 7.6.2010).

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