Ambitious EV pilot announced in Shanghai

Shanghai has been chosen as the pilot city for an expansive new EV pilot set to begin this year in China.

On April 23rd, Shanghai was designated as the site of a new electric vehicle pilot program to be conducted in China over the coming years.  The pilot program, which is scheduled to begin this year with the first electric vehicles being introduced at the end of April, will be initially situated in the northwestern district of Jiading and is scheduled to expand into other areas of Shanghai in the coming years.  The pilot program, named the Shanghai EV International Pilot City Partnership, includes the participation and cooperation of several international groups, such as car manufacturer General Motors as well as several international government officials and electric vehicle technology experts.  The size and scope of the Shanghai pilot are quite impressive, including a planned fleet of more than 10,000 electric vehicles in Jiading alone by 2012, with the number of electric vehicles being doubled by next year.

To support such a sizeable fleet, the program will also see the opening of six charging stations, one battery distribution station and a charging station intended for the use of public transport.  The city’s infrastructure will be further expanded to include 13,000 charging poles, 15 charging stations and two hydrogen refueling stations by 2012.  The charging infrastructure will cover high traffic areas such as: supermarkets, hotels, cinemas, hospitals schools and offices within the Jiading District. To spur consumer interest in electric vehicles, the Chinese central government has offered subsidies of as much as 60,000 yuan (€6,350) on the purchase of any qualifying EV to be used as part of the pilot programs test fleet, the city will also offer additional subsidies.

The selection of Shanghai as the site for this ambitious pilot program was influenced by the presence of a growing electric vehicle manufacturing industry as well as several research and development institutes focusing on the development of EV technologies.  These manufacturers and institutes will, together with the cooperation of the program’s international partners, provide a great deal of expertise and assistance for the practical management of the pilot program’s day to day activities.

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