With a growing number of cities predicted to fall victim to rising sea levels over the coming decade, many communities around the world are taking initiative and pioneering bold new housing solutions. Architects and city planners in many regions already losing precious coastal areas to rising sea levels have taken up the marine-city dreams of earlier generations of bold architects and adapting these concepts in developing new floating solutions.  However, while past generations envisioned entire ocean-bound cities, contemporary solutions are far smaller in scope ranging from simply erecting barriers to protect existing structures to building on floating platforms or raised structures.

Among those already experimenting with such solutions are architects and city planners in coastal areas such as: Bangkok, Thailand, the site of a pilot amphibious house as well as a hospital for senior citizens built over flooded lands; Buckinghamshire, England, where Britain’s first amphibious house is being planned for construction on the banks of the Thames River; and the Netherlands which is already home to several amphibious houses along the River Maas.

Source: AP report

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