The Shanghai Municipal Government has announced its new-energy strategy for the period of the 12th Five-year Plan. The plan outlined a detailed blueprint of all new-energy development in Shanghai during the 12th five year period in Shanghai.

The plan clarified the main tasks in new-energy development, new-energy policy and related action plans, as well as the spearhead programs for new-energy development. According to the plan, non-fossil fuel sources will represent 12% of energy consumption by 2015. Local productivity will be equal to the energy produced from 1.2 million tons of standard coal, which is 8 times more than the productivity in 2010.

The main tasks of the 12th five-year plan in Shanghai are: speeding up development of wind energy; continual promotion of solar energy; developing: bio-energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy and hydrogen energy; accelerating the development of new-energy demonstration zones; actively promote the construction of new-energy deployment systems and the smart grid; encourage new-energy technology R&D and industrialization; developing new-energy related services and public platforms.

In wind energy development, Shanghai will focus on developing offshore wind and actively promoting the build-up of a large scale offshore demonstration base. The Plan mentioned that by 2015, three offshore wind farms (East Sea Bridge, Lin Port and Old Port) will be established or extended. In addition to the large projects, the plan also encourages coastal areas to develop small and medium size wind energy projects tailored to their conditions. The plan sets a target capacity of 1 Gigawatt for Shanghai to be achieved by 2015.

Solar energy development will prioritize establishing “Golden Sun” demonstration projects and roof solar energy demonstration applications in: industrial zones, such as: Waibaoqiao, Old Port, or Chenjia Town, newly built districts, and large public buildings. The total capacity is expected to reach 150 megawatts. Biomass energy development will be combined with waste treatment. The construction of biomass demonstration power plants in the Chongming, Songjiang, Fenxian and Old Port districts is planned. Several incineration plants are also listed on the plan. The newly-added capacity will amount to a total of 200 megawatts.

Regarding regional development, the Plan proposed the development of Chongming into a national green-energy demonstration town and adding a new-energy plant with an installed capacity of 300-400 megawatts.

To support the development of new-energy, the Shanghai Municipal Government will invest 18 billion RMB in the new-energy industry during the 12th five-year plan, of which 10 billion is directed towards wind energy (3 billion for land wind energy and 7 billion for offshore wind energy), and 2 billion, 4 billion and 2 billion will be used for solar energy, biomass energy and others respectively.

Source: Shanghai New Energy 12th five-year plan (in Chinese)

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