The southern Finnish city of Turku has entered into a cooperative agreement with leading sustainable development experts from six major companies. In an effort to advance the application of sustainable urban development solutions in the city’s practical and legislative processes, the City of Turku will work collaboratively with a group of experts from leading companies including: Toyota, Siemens, TNT, UTC, GDF Suez and Acciona. The expansive cooperative agreement between public and private sector actors was established under the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Urban Infrastructure Initiative.

The joint venture will attempt to address a number of specific concerns observed in an assessment conducted by the WBCSD, among these were the three areas identified as most promising: city center development, land use and energy. The WBCSD together with the City of Turku and experts from the participating companies have determined that it is in these core areas that the City can most benefit from the resources of the business world and integrate measures which will serve to improve the quality of the area’s residents’ lives.

The City of Turku hopes to make significant strides towards the ambitious sustainability targets set by local government, these will be addressed through a series of practical goals in areas such as: Biogas production, building automation, energy management, green logistics, green procurement, material flow analysis and traffic management systems.

Source: A press release from the City of Turku

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