A new study by Netherlands-based renewable-energy consultant Ecofys and German group Climate Analytics finds that despite reductions made to China’s overall carbon-intensity, the level of pollution relative to its economic growth, the country’s raw greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. According to the report, China’s overall emissions in 2020 will outpace previous estimates by roughly one gigaton. The Chinese government’s pledge to reduce carbon-intensity by 40% by the year 2020 failed to account for a rapidly expanding economy, growing at a rate of 3% faster than predicted.

While presenting a dispiriting reality, the report’s authors suggest that the faster than expected growth of China’s economy could, in fact, prove beneficial in achieving future reduction targets. Additionally, the report’s authors voiced their concern regarding the lack of a multilateral monitoring system for tracking national emissions, a fact which makes efficiently enforcing these targets increasingly difficult.

Source: Ecoyfys press release

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