EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik announced the release of a new roadmap towards increased resource-efficiency to meet the EU’s various sustainability and low-carbon goals. The new roadmap is aimed at bringing together the various initiatives and programs developed under the Europe 2020 flagship initiative.

In his announcement the Environment Commissioner stressed the urgency of these measures and highlighted the main challenges addressed in the roadmap, including: the need to set the right prices for encouraging sustainable investment, removing subsidies that "lock the economy into an unsustainable path", and encouraging companies to develop greener products as well as urging member states to shift taxation away from labor and towards pollution and resources, as well as provide fresh incentives to push consumers towards resource-efficient products.

The report is intended to provide the economies of Europe with a clear path towards a sustainable, low-carbon future as well providing the upcoming Rio+20 Summit with a basis for future environmental legislation.

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