News - VTT

A new research program initiated by VTT – Finland’s Research Center, named SMILE - Smart Mobility Integrated with Low-carbon Energy, set to commence in 2013, will focus on four corner stones for establishing low-carbon transportation; Low-carbon energy, Advanced vehicles, Smart transport services, and Transport systems. This program sees a continuation of VTT’s long standing research of future automotive technologies and their practical implications concerning wide spread adoption and carbon reduction.

VTT’s new program’s multi-themed research focus enables a truly synthesized overview of the requirements as well as the impacts of wide-scale electric vehicle adoption as a crucial component to ensuring the sustainability of future urban societies. Through this research program VTT builds on the research it is conducting within the Eco Urban Living initiative as a technological research partner, in collaboration with electric vehicle manufacturer Valmet Automotive.

SMILE also features an interesting focus on the ways in which today’s advanced information and communication technologies can not only increase consumer interest in electric vehicles by improving the EV driver’s experience, but also how such technologies can improve urban mobility in general, whether travelling by car or not.

Source: Research Professor Nils-Olof Nylund spoke with Good News from Finland! on January 3rd, 2013 about the SMILE program and its ambitious scope.