Fisker Karma Enters Road Test Phase

The greatly anticipated luxury EVer generated quite a buzz in the Finnish media when it was spotted on the streets of Turku.

The Fisker Karma has been spotted on the streets of the southern Finnish city of Turku over the past couple weeks as it nears its release date.  The highly anticipated luxury EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range), which is being manufactured by the Finnish auto manufacturer Valmet Automotive at their facilities in Uusikaupunki, is undergoing the final stages of preparation before the first models are shipped out to eager customers in the United States.  These preparations include a series of road tests conducted by the experts at Valmet Automotive intended to test the vehicles under real world conditions.

In addition to drawing admiring gazes from onlookers on the streets of Turku, these road tests also caught the attention of the Finnish media.  News of the road tests reached as high up as the national media in Finland, with YLE, the national broadcasting network, devoting a segment on the nightly news to the Karma last week.  Archived video of the segment is available below, as well as a link to a story written by YLE regarding the road tests in Turku (Text available in English, video available solely in Finnish).

YLE article (English)

Archived video segment (Finnish)