In an effort to cut its transport emissions by 80% by 2018, the Finnish capital region’s local public transit provider Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), together with Veolia Transport, has begun a new trial program integrating electric buses into local traffic in Espoo. The initial pilot includes plans to test between four and six buses from a variety of different manufacturers, the first of which was taken into use on local Espoo route number 11 and comes from Portuguese manufacturer Caetano Bus.

The pilot program is scheduled to run through 2015 and will evaluate the various bus models’ performance under Finland’s severe winter conditions, particularly engine performance and battery life as well as comparing different alternative fuel options. Through the trial, HSL also hopes to gather commuter opinions and experiences of riding one of these new electric buses. The pilot supports HSL’s plans to have up to a hundred electric buses in use by the year 2018 and will help to identify the models capable of standing up to Finland’s rough climate.

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