The Eco Urban Living initiative introduced residents of Espoo’s T3-area to the demonstration initiative’s ambitious research programs at an open even on Wednesday April 18th, 2012, held at the Kino Tapiola cinema in the heart of the T3 area. The event drew an audience of engaged citizens interested in learning more about the Eco Urban Living initiative’s plans for the future of electric vehicles and their integration in the daily lives of the T3-area’s residents.

Speakers at the event included representatives from several businesses, universities and research institutes participating in the initiative’s research activities and the real-world demonstration trials, such as Valmet Automotive, A2B, the Hanken School of Economics and Aalto University. In a reflection of the EUL initiative’s strong integration of the public and private sectors, the morning also included the participation of the City of Espoo as well as the coordinator of Tekes’s EVE-program, Markku Antikainen. These public sector representatives provided an introduction to the vital role which public sector support and participation plays in the Eco Urban Living initiative’s vision of Espoo’s future.

In addition to these presentations, the winner of our Think City test drive contest was also announced at Kino Tapiola! Read more about the winner here!

If you did not get a chance to make it out to Kino Tapiola last week, the presentation material from the event is available for download now so you can read up on the latest regarding the Eco Urban Living initiative’s progress and plans for the future! While some of the presentations are in Finnish those in English are indicated below.



Eco Urban Living initiative

The City of Espoo

Research stream 4 (Hanken) - in English

Research stream 5 (Aalto University) - in English

Research stream 6 (Aalto University)

Valmet Automotive - EV industry - in English

Valmet Automotive - research streams 1-3

EVE program (Tekes) - in English

Think City contest

Contest winner, SELL Student Games