Professor Chen Lvjun of Tsinghua University visited Finland on August 8th and 9th.  Professor Chen visited Finland in his role as a professor at the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University’s School of Environment.  Prof. Chen has been actively engaged in developing the Green Campus –demonstration project in Tsinghua University’s “Green University” program.

The project will serve an ecological demonstration area which will serve as a platform for the development of technologies enabling sustainable growth and living and strategies for their integration into university campuses around the world as well as serving as a means to educate the public on sustainable living.  In practice, the “Green University” program takes place in three areas: green education, green R&D, and green campus. Other team members include the director of Tsinghua University campus management department who is managing the green campus implementation.


The focus of Prof. Chen’s visit to Finland was on low-carbon research and development and waste-water treatment.  As such, Prof. Chen’s visit took him to several of Finland’s leading authorities in these fields, including: Aalto University, the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT), Helsinki’s Environmental Services Authority (HSY) and the Finnish Environmental Cluster for China (FECC).  Prof. Chen’s visit was hosted by Synocus in conjunction with the development of the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities.


At Aalto University Prof. Chen met with researchers at Aalto’s Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Forest Products Technology.  Attending the visit from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering were Prof. Riku Vahala, of the Water Engineering unit, Prof. Olli Varis, of the Water & Development Research Group, and from the School of Chemical Technology, Prof. Olli Dahl, of the Department of Forest Products Technology.  These researchers are among the University’s leading experts in water related research.  The focus of the visit to Aalto University was on water engineering as it relates to the management of water resources and water supply and sanitation.

Prof. Chen’s visit to VTT was focused on the research center’s Green Solutions for Water and Waste (GWW) program which is one of its spearhead programs, the research in this program ranks among the world’s leading research in the field.  Prof. Chen was received by Merja Itävaara, Principal Scientist of the Bioprocessing unit and Mona Arnold, Program Manager of the GWW program.  The GWW –program promotes the sustainable use of water and waste resources through the application of innovative and industrially feasible approaches.

Along with Department Head Tommi Fred of HSY, Prof. Chen visited the wastewater treatment plant at Viikinmäki, the largest wastewater treatment plant in Finland.  The wastewater treatment plant at Viikinmäki handles the treatment of the wastewater of a total of 800,000 citizens from several areas, including the city of Helsinki as well as several of the surrounding cities.  The plant operates according to Finland’s strict wastewater treatment regulations and, as such, serves as an example of an effective and sustainable wastewater treatment strategy in practice.


Prof. Chen’s visit at the offices of the FECC was attended by the organization’s Vice President and Executive Director Ari Makkonen, the Vice President of the Energy division Jari Kuivanen and Wang Yu, Project Manager.  The FECC are an organization whose primary mission is the promotion of Finnish environmental and energy companies and their business in China.  The FECC’s through knowledge of and strong expertise in the sector, as well as their extensive networking within it, enables it to provide a wide-range of services to Finnish companies aiming to enter the Chinese market.  During the visit the FECC representatives presented an introduction to the activities of the FECC.

Prof. Chen also visited Synocus and met with Dr. Johan Wallin, the firm’s Managing Director, and Patrik Laxell, Senior Consultant, to discuss Synocus’ activities relating to the field of low-carbon development. Together, Prof. Chen, Dr. Wallin and Mr. Laxell discussed matters relating to the formation of the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities and the focus of the Alliance’s activities and research.  Prof. Chen proposed the addition of low-carbon building to the Alliance’s existing focus on low-carbon transportation to expand the Alliance’s approach to solving the Grand Societal Challenge of climate change. The discussion also focused on Synocus’ extensive expertise in and long history of facilitating collaboration between the Public and Private Sectors as well as the firm’s expertise in solving Grand Societal Challenges, such as climate change.

Prof. Chen’s successful visit to Finland represents yet another example of the promise and value of such cross-cultural exchanges. Such cultural exchanges allow the participants to benefit from fresh, culturally-diverse perspectives on solving the significant challenges affecting us all while also providing an opportunity for them to form productive, cross-cultural networks which help to ease future collaboration as well.

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