The Eco Urban Living initiative  was established by the City of Espoo, Fortum, Nokia, Valmet Automotive and Synocus in 2010. The first activity was a scenario building process, to understand how to implement a more sustainable and eco-conscious way of life in Espoo.

The first step was the formation of alternative scenarios depicting Espoo in the year 2020.  These scenarios were formed together with a group of Espoo residents and city authorities as well as several companies and universities located in the city.  They addressed the future development of the Otaniemi, Keilaniemi and Tapiola areas or, as they are jointly known, the T3 –area.  The T3 –area was selected to be the focus of these scenarios because the T3 –area integrates the fields of science, culture and business, which provide an ideal environment for innovation.  The scenarios focused on the requirements and challenges posed by the process of developing the T3 –area into a sustainable, eco-conscious urban environment in which electric vehicles play a significant role.

This scenario report is an important tool to include and inspire officials and citizens to put these principles to use in their own countries.  The report now serves as a basis for the launch of the next phase of the Eco Urban Living initiative, the formation of a demonstration program for the further enhancement of electric vehicles and related technology.

The completed scenario report is available for download here.