The Lappeenranta University of Technology is the largest research and education organization in the energy sector in Finland. The university’s research covers the whole energy chain from energy sources to end use: fuels, energy generation technologies, electric power systems and markets, energy use and production processes. Finding environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solutions to all these calls for wide-ranging research. Its research activities have laid a foundation for multiple successful products and new entrepreneurship.

In interactive cooperation with prominent Finnish companies, LUT’s laboratories of Electrical Engineering research and develop new power electronic drive solutions, such as permanent magnet motor drives, windmill applications, high-speed technology, intelligent data transfer systems in power electronics and condition monitoring systems for industrial use.

Prof. Jukka Lassila’s research in the Eco Urban Living demonstration project’s second research stream, EV Technology, will focus on reducing the amount of rare earth-metals used in the operation of electric vehicles.