The earth is in peril, generations of neglect and harmful living habits have led to a situation which threatens our very existence on this planet.  The effects of climate change are already in evidence in ecosystems across the globe, leading to: rises in global temperatures, natural disasters and weather systems of increasing severity, drought and countless other circumstances which threaten human life.  These conditions will only grow worse over time unless we take immediate and decisive action to alter the patterns of behavior which have led to the present situation.

The Eco Urban Living initiative was developed around the purpose of addressing the Grand Challenge of climate change.  Grand Challenges, such as climate change, are complex and systemic problems which effect all aspects of our societies but also require the contribution of disparate elements in order to solve them.  As these Grand Challenges face all the world’s societies, it is imperative that we take a global perspective from the very beginning.

Addressing the Grand Challenge of climate change demands that we identify a core element of the issue to address.  The world’s cities, home to over half of the world’s population, must be considered a crucial first step in addressing the issues of sustainable living as they produce a disproportionate amount of the world’s CO2 emissions. Furthermore, given the massive populations and relative density, cities pose ideal locations for the introduction of novel solutions and technologies concerning all levels of sustainable daily life, such as: dwelling, moving, consuming, learning and working.