Please use the contact form, provided below, for any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Eco Urban Living project or the website.

The Eco Urban Living project is orchestrated by Synocus. This initiative which began as a collaboration between the founding partners the City of Espoo, Fortum, Nokia, Valmet Automotive in 2010, was expanded further during spring 2011. The original founders agreed to apply for financing from Tekes under the newly established EVE program for the period of 2011-2015.

Within Synocus a core team is responsible for the development efforts relating to Eco Urban Living. Johan Wallin has the overall responsibility for entire initiative, focusing particularly on the connections to external partners inside and outside Finland. Henrik Hultin, as the operational project manager, is also responsible for the external communication activities relating to Eco Urban Living, and Jussi Hulkkonen, as Chief Editor, is responsible for updating the content of the Eco Urban Living portal.