The City of Espoo, Finland’s second largest city, is located in the South of Finland and is borders the cities of Helsinki and Vantaa. Together these cities, along with the city of Kauniainen, form the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Espoo is home to both a thriving research community, as represented by the presence of the Aalto University, as well as a strong business sector, one which includes several international companies such as Nokia and Siemens.  In keeping with the city’s strong commitment to the preservation of its natural environment the city has identified the mitigation of climate change as a key priority in its strategy.  The city hopes to make progress towards this goal by providing the Eco Urban Living demonstration program with a development ground for the testing of electric vehicles.  These activities will be located in the so-called T3 –area (Otaniemi, Keilaniemi, Tapiola) which is home to Aalto University and several corporate headquarters.

Through its participation in the demonstration the city hopes to gain a more detailed understanding of the requirements posed by electric vehicles on a city’s infrastructure.